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In the wider area of Agrinion and just a few kilometres away from the hotel you can discover the whole greek cuisine in a small scale. Wine factories, cheese making factories, farms, orchards and the sea produce treasures which you can enjoy while staying at our hotel.

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Guided by the local tradition and the rich gastronomy of our country, we have prepared for you a rich homemade breakfast with high quality ingredients. Fresh fruit, secret home recipes, honey, frumenty, pies and fresh eggs lie on your breakfast table and promise a wonderful start of the day to you.

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bistro17 εστιατόριο

A special place on the ground floor of the hotel with a unique view of the Papastrateio Archaeological Museum of Agrinion is ready to host and excite you with its suggestions. Excellent greek wine, drinks and beverages accompanied with fast, simple but always quality food like in the corresponding small shops that apppeared in the heart of Paris in the beginning of the previous century. The authentic bistros, which are small, groundfloor and usually housed in inns with an underground kitchen, have been known for two centuries for the simple but tasty dishes they serve such as sandwiches with crispy bread, salads, pies, tartes and many more carefully performed recipes. Similarly, in Bistro 17, our kitchen prepares delicious dishes to accompany your drink or beverage from early in the morning till late in the evening.

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